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We're an Austin, TX-based digital fit agency.

Putting digital foundations, transformative marketing, and multimedia
excellence to work for brands.

Black Ops Agency is dedicated to providing you with a complete digital strategy that strengthens your business. We are well-versed in all aspects of digital strategy, from  formulation to implementation, and can help you with everything from website design and search engine optimization to social media management. We are also highly skilled in the areas of content marketing, video production, and the creation, editing, and dissemination of podcasts.

Whether you’re a new company looking to gain a foothold in the digital world or an established one hoping to increase your online visibility, we can cater our services to your unique requirements. We achieve remarkable outcomes by integrating inventive thinking, strategic planning, and state-of-the-art technology.

If you’re looking for a digital agency that can do it all, look no further than Black Ops Agency. Improve your company’s reputation in the online world by contacting us immediately.

Black Ops Agency Core Values

Empowerment: We empower people and communities, inspire personal growth, and provide success possibilities. Knowledge and skills transform for permanent, good change.
Impact: We aim to change society. We want to improve lives, give back, and leave a legacy.
Collaboration: We value collaboration and varied perspectives. By encouraging teamwork, we develop innovation and innovative solutions.
Continuous Growth: We encourage constant learning and development. We push the limits of what’s possible to enhance ourselves, our talents, and our services.
Integrity: We do everything with the highest integrity. Transparency, honesty, and ethics influence our decisions, assuring trust and credibility in all relationships.

Value Creation: We think success comes from adding value to others. We exceed expectations and improve lives by providing great experiences, insights, and solutions.
Community: We consider ourselves part of a global community. We build ties, link people, and create a network that benefits individuals and organizations.
Innovation: We value creativity and innovation for growth. We seek new ideas, tactics, and technologies to promote good change and lead our industry.
Resilience: Challenges are met with resolve and resilience. We view setbacks as learning opportunities and address them with positivity and dedication.
Passion: We love what we do. Our passion drives us to excel, making our work important and gratifying.

Unlock Your Digital Potential with Our Personalized & Cost-Effective Strategies

Learn how our Digital Fit Strategies can help you save money while experiencing the power of personalization. If you’re looking for tailored digital solutions that fit your needs and your budget, go no further than Black Ops Agency. By taking this tack, we guarantee that every plan will be both specific to your brand’s requirements and engineered to make the most of your online visibility without breaking the bank. Take your online success to the next level with tailor-made tactics—smart, efficient, and affordable. Together, we can forge your road to digital greatness.

Our Team

Here at Black Ops Agency, we put creativity and skill at the center of everything we do. Every member of our team contributes something special; we have digital strategists, creative types, and techies on staff. We’re devoted to helping our clients succeed and are enthusiastic about digital transformation. Meet the brains behind your digital adventure.

Ramin Jahedi

CEO and Founder

Cody Hagler

Lead Web Developer

Mehrshad Afshar

Director of Marketing

Blake Burton

Visual Producer and Publicist

Wesley Brown

Partner and Audio Engineering

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